How do I subscribe to SCRIM 365?

The most cost effective way to start with SCRIM 365 is to register for the 30 day free trial on this website.

In this way your first 30 days are free of charge and you will have 30 days to familiarise yourself with the system before committing to SCRIM 365.

What training is provided with SCRIM 365?

We provide Business Administrator and End User training as part of the system setup and configuration.

Training is provided through web conference or if preferred, face to face at an additional cost.

Online user guides and training videos are accessible from within the system.

In addition, Microsoft provides a very large number of training resources on non Health & Safety specific functionality such as reporting, business process design and navigation please see:

What support services are provided with SCRIM 365?

SCRIM and its platform Microsoft Dynamics are globally supported 24/7 by our and Microsoft's global support teams.

SCRIM includes an inbuilt Support Module for automated support requests to the SCRIM Support teams.

The system also automatically notifies your a client's SCRIM Business Administrator of any user login and setup or configuration issues.

In the event the above does not work for you, we also provide a support hotline at no additional cost where you can speak with one of our support staff. We have Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish speaking staff.

How long does it take to get my subscription up and running?

After completing the 30 day trial registration form, the system is up and running within 48 hours.

What information can be integrated into SCRIM 365?

Anything that can be saved to a CSV file can be uploaded into SCRIM 365 using the Import Wizard.

Where are the SCRIM system and databases hosted?

Clients have a choice to host the SCRIM system and databases On Premise at our clients' data center of choice OR as part of SCRIM 365 with Microsoft Azure within the client's region and country of choice. For a selection of regions and countries see:

How is SCRIM licensed?

SCRIM's licensing model is based on that of Microsoft Dynamics and as such part of Microsoft's licensing programs. Clients can license the system on a monthly subscription basis or purchase the license straight out as part of a client's Microsoft (Select) Enterprise Agreement.

Which mobile devices does SCRIM support?

The SCRIM Portal is device response meaning that when connecting to the SCRIM Portal to report an Incident or Hazard or when completing an Inspection, the page will load and display based on the device's screen size. This ensures anybody with an internet or data connection is able to report through the SCRIM system without a need for installing software or an application. SCRIM also offers leading edge applications with offline data access capabilities for Android, iPhone and Windows smartphones and tablets. These prove to be particularly useful for situations where internet and data access are not always available.

Who owns the SCRIM data?

As per our terms and conditions, our clients are the sole legal owner of the data stored in the SCRIM databases. If and when a client decides to end their SCRIM subscription we will provide the databases to our client. The SCRIM system includes (wizard) tools to easily extract any data to Excel or CSV files. Where required we provide a service for data extraction.

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